Your luxury apartments in Mayrhofen in Zillertal

Timeless luxury meets alpine lifestyle

When you stroll through the staterooms of the Imperial Palace or Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, where the empress held her dinners and salons, through the bedrooms with their high ceilings and large windows, one thing is apparent: Nothing here was left to chance. Each element was integrated so perfectly into the overall concept that it almost disappeared within it. But if just one detail were to be changed, the harmony would break down.

There’s no difference with the Sissi Suites: Finely coordinate materials, shapes and colours interact, like dancing couples in the large mirrored hall of the Habsburg palace, who glided across the parquet with such lightness that one might have thought they would fly. Lavish style elements such as the glittering pendant lights by leading Danish designer Verner Panton take on the role of the protagonist, while burnished wood elements and refined old wood determine the scenery in the background in a traditional way. The precious materials are joined by old prints, sketches and pictures of the empress and her surroundings.

We are sure that Sissi would have felt good with us. We do, however, disagree over which would have been her favourite apartment with us in Mayrhofen. Maybe you’ll find that out for yourself?


1-2 persons | 41 sqm

Sissi loved free and easy living. Once she even wished her soul would escape to heaven through a small opening in her heart. Of course, she didn’t know at the time that this fate would actually befall her. Sissi was a remarkable woman, full of joie de vivre and a free spirit. That’s why we have also made your Sissi Suite a place of life and joy. With graceful lavender tones, a bright interior and understated luxury. Ideal for couples in love, who can spend a fabulous time together on 41 m2 of the second floor.


1-4 persons | 93 sqm

Many myths and legends entwine themselves around the great Emperor Franz Joseph. His very person has even become a myth. To do justice to this majestic greatness was no easy challenge. With rich colours and royal red tones, classy branded furniture and exclusive detail work, we have revived the imperial attitude to life on the second floor – and created a 93 square metre apartment in Mayrhofen that takes up to four people back to the glorious days of the emperor – and surrounds them with charming luxury.


1-4 persons | 81 sqm

At the time, Archduchess Sophie was above all known for her exceptional beauty. It was only later that the Archduchess was wrongly portrayed as Sissi’s evil mother-in-law. In designing our 81 square metre suite, we naturally took Sophie’s beauty and good taste as a model, and created wonderful living spaces on the second floor that enchant with delicately bright colours, flowers and friendliness as only the smile of the beautiful Sophie could have done at the time. The apartment with balcony and terrace offers space for up to four people.


1-4 persons | 81 sqm

On 81 spacious square metres on the first floor, four people will find lots of room for big feelings and endless holiday enjoyment. Emperor Max – Sissi’s father – loved nature and was a well-travelled bon vivant. He was almost an adventurer, who also dressed up as a circus clown to poke fun at his audience. You’ll find this personality in the style of our apartment “Max”, in the friendly colours and boundless living ambience.

field marshal

1-4 persons | 88 sqm

Johann Strauss dedicated his Radetzky March to the great field marshal Radetzky. We dedicate our Marshal Radetzky Suite on the first floor to him, the 88 square metres of which are splendidly reminiscent of this great Austrian. With restrained classics, noble gold tones and a composition of light and dark woods as well as natural stone, we give a sense of space that is skilfully rounded off by the peaks of the Zillertal Alps. Enjoy imperial splendour and contemporary aesthetics par excellence in this incomparable apartment in Mayrhofen.


1-3 persons | 62 qm

Postmasters are, so to speak, well-travelled by virtue of their profession. And so our apartment in Mayrhofen is also a dignified refuge for all those who appreciate special comfort. The layout of this apartment on the first floor makes it particularly suitable for families with children or couples in love who appreciate lots of space. On 62 square metres, our Postmeister Suite offers space for two to four people and impresses with its elegant colours, dark tones and precious fabrics.